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Feature Description Status Release Date
Forgot PIN If a user has forgotten their PIN on either virtual or physical cards, display the PIN in a PCI compliant container after a security check. Released Jun 2022
Cards KYC Minimum Age (18) Our bank partner will currently reject any card applications under the age of 21, but we are working to have them change this to 18. Released Jun 2022

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Feature Description Status Release Date
Automated Payroll Connect (Direct Deposit Switching) Allow cardholders to login to their payroll provider and link their card account number to their payroll direct deposit, for larger, automated deposits into their accounts. In Progress Jun 2022
Mobile Sample Apps Sample apps that embed and authenticate our cards WebViews for Native iOS, Native Android, React Native, Flutter, Ionic, Xamarin In Progress Jun 2022
Client Admin & Invite Codes View and download client details, including DDA accounts for employers and payroll. Invite pre-approved clients to your app with an email link and code, or sign them up via API. Remove public sign up forms from your white label apps. In Progress Jun 2022
Notifications & Alerts Automated notifications via email and SMS for configurable alerts. Examples include card fulfillment status (printed, shipped etc.), card loads, funds transfer status, declined transactions, low balance. In Progress Jun 2022
Debit Rewards No-Code Configurable no-code Web Component, WebView, and widget in our white label app, which shows users pending and earned rewards. In Progress Jun 2022
Card-Linked Rewards (Merchant Funded) Cardholders will receive up to 10% cash back at leading retailers and merchants nationwide. These rewards will be funded by merchants directly, not from your reserve account, and linked directly to purchases made with your card program. In Progress Jun 2022
Instant Bonus Load Configure bonuses in our Rewards Admin that can be instantly loaded to users when a card is issued or a user is referred. In Progress Jul 2022
User Referral System Referral codes generated for each Nucleus client and integrated into the Rewards Admin and white label. In Progress Jul 2022
Debit White Label Mobile App (iOS & Android) White Label mobile app (iOS & Android) to issue cards and view balances, transactions, and analytics. Use as a beta app while integrating our WebViews into your own custom app. In Progress Jul 2022
Rewards Points System Configuration on rewards admin to set each dollar spent equal to X points, instead of purely tracking rewards on a dollars basis. In Progress Jul 2022
Affiliate Rewards (Merchant Funded) Cardholders will receive up to 10% cash back at leading retailers and merchants nationwide. These rewards will be funded by merchants directly, not from your reserve account, and linked to affiliate codes provided to your company. Any card can be used for the purchase for the cardholder to receive the reward. In Progress Jul 2022
Enhanced KYC, Anti-Fraud Engine & Admin Enhanced KYC and AML protections, including document verification and biometric identity checks. Admin to view client, card, ACH, and transaction fraud blocks and flags by Hydrogen. In Progress Jul 2022
Branded Tokenized Cards Transform Plan Only- Add your logo and brand color to tokenized cards in Apple, Android, and Samsung wallets. A black card with no logo will be present on tokenized cards until this release. In Progress Jul 2022
Rewards Sweepstakes Create sweepstakes rules on our Rewards Admin that can automatically disburse funds to cardholders in scheduled drawings based on odds and points earned. Requested Sep 2022
Interchange Fee Tracker Review an estimate of interchange fees earned for the month and historical interchange disbursements Requested Sep 2022
Crypto Rewards (Tenant Funded) Pay cardholder rewards in cryptocurrency (e.g. BTC or ETH), instead of USD. Rewards will be paid by converting money held in your Reserve Account. Requested Sep 2022
P2P Balance Transfers Transfer all or part of a balance from one cardholder to another, for P2P payments and wallets. Requested Oct 2022
Multi-Card Issuance Users can create more than one active card under the same username. We are currently limited 1:1. Requested Oct 2022
Sign Up Funnel BI Track app sign ups, conversions, churn, dropoffs, bottlenecks on a business intelligence dashboard. Requested Nov 2022
Credit Bureau Reporting Credit building feature on the Hydrogen debit cards that reports select debit transactions to the major U.S. credit bureaus. Examples include paying utility bills, loan payments etc. Requested Nov 2022
Payroll Earned Wage Access (EWA) Earned Wage Access (EWA) also known as 2 day early direct deposit, allows users to receive their paycheck to the card early. Requested Dec 2022
Account Aggregrator Connection Users do not currently have a login to our bank sponsor Metabank, but if an app has enabled micro-deposit auth verification (not all do), then they can verify ownership of the account using our DDA account and routing number. We are working on a direct connection for our white labels into account aggregators, starting with Plaid, and followed by Finicity and Intuit. This will allow users to pull all their account data (auth, balance, transactions) into leading fintech apps. Requested Dec 2022
Debit POS Cash Back Cardholders can receive cash back at the Point of Sale (POS) when making a debit purchase. This is currently disabled. Requested Dec 2022
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