Corporate Payments Without the Hassle

Easily create unlimited virtual cards to better manage your corporate payments

Corporate Payments Made Easy

Take your payments virtual with Hydrogen. Easily issue and assign a virtual card to each vendor or invoice,
reduce fraud with spending controls, and even earn revenue on every payment! No lockups, minimums, or hidden fees!


Easy to use UI

Without Hydrogen: Mounds of paperwork, surprise bills, delays in sending payments - causing frustrated vendors.

With Hydrogen: No more paperwork, streamline reporting, issue virtual cards for each vendor, and
reduce costs.

Low Cost

Spending Controls

Without Hydrogen: overpaying for products or services you may not have received, over-charges, fraudulent activity.

With Hydrogen: set spending controls for each vendor, never over-pay, reduce fraud.

Qualify Free


Without Hydrogen: storing credit card info and ACH payments are more prone to fraud and costs companies billions every year.

With Hydrogen: reduce fraud with pre-set payments and unique virtual card numbers for each purchase.

Increase Revenue

Increase Revenue

Without Hydrogen: you get very little, if any, of the interchange revenue share from your customers' transactions.

With Hydrogen: earn up to 5% cash back for simply
paying your vendors!

Our Most Popular Card Features

White Label Design

White Label Design

Keep your brand top of mind every time your customers spend money. Add your colors and logo to the cards.


ACH Included

Fund your reserve account and allow your customers to load and reload the cards via our included ACH feature.


Admin Controls

We give you the ability to freeze, close, reissue, activate, and control the cards on our beautiful admin UI.

Interchange Share

Interchange Share

You earn interchange revenue on every transaction. Give it to your customers as rewards, or keep it for profits.

When You Compare Hydrogen, There is No Comparison!

Hydrogen Logo


The Competition

Spending Controls
No upfront fees and no minimums
Robust security
Issue unlimited cards
Earn up to 5% cash back

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Learn about five important benefits of
issuing virtual cards for accounts payable.

Watch the Video

See how Hydrogen has done all the heavy
lifting so you don't have to!

  • 5-Minute Onboarding Process

  • No Lockups or Minimums

  • All Legal and Compliance Included

Issue Virtual Debit Cards for
Your Payments With No APIs!

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