Issue Branded Virtual and Physical Cards

With Hydrogen, you can quickly launch virtual and physical card programs. Earn up to 5% in cash back rewards!

Hydrogen Debit Cards: No-Coding Needed

Leverage our no-code platform to start issuing virtual and physical cards for you or your customers in just a few days.
Earn 5% on the first $10k in payments, then up to 1% on consumer cards, and 1.5% on businesses cards, on every transaction thereafter.
Use up to 100 virtual cards per month 100% free. No Lockups, No Minimums, and No Hidden Fees!


No Development Needed

Competitors: once you're approved, you still have to hire an engineering team to use complex APIs.

Hydrogen: we offer an easy to use “No-Code” portal to start issuing in no time. Point, click, and issue!

Low Cost

Low Cost

Competitors: virtual card programs can cost thousands to set up and have high minimums.

Hydrogen: we have no upfront fees, no minimums, and monthly contracts. We charge a small SaaS fee.

Qualify Free

Qualify Fast

Competitors: offering virtual cards requires legal, compliance, and insurance infrastructure.

Hydrogen: we have taken care of all the legal, compliance, and insurance requirements in our platform.

Launch in Days

Launch in Days

Competitors: even if you qualify, you have to go through months of onboarding to get started.

Hydrogen: we have taken care of everything for you. Start issuing your first cards in just a few days!

Increase Revenue

Increase Revenue

Competitors: you get very little, if any, of the interchange revenue share from your customers' transactions.

Hydrogen: we send you up to 5% of the money back on your payments. You earn money along with the bank and processor!

Our Most Popular Card Features

White Label Design

No Coding Needed

Unlike other card issuance platforms, you don't need any API experience to use Hydrogen. Point, click, and issue virtual cards!


ACH Included

Fund your reserve account and reload the cards via our integrated ACH service. No more expensive wire fees.


Admin Controls

We give you the ability to freeze, close, reissue, and control the amount spent on each virtual card, for added security.

Interchange Share

Interchange Share

In addition to speed and security, you earn up to 5% interchange revenue on every payment to your suppliers and vendors!

When You Compare Hydrogen, There is No Comparison!

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Fintech APIs

Get to market in 6 days, not 6 months
No upfront fees and no minimums
Full card spending controls
No API development needed
Earn up to 5% on each payment
Integrated ACH payments features

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Watch the Video

See how Hydrogen has done all the heavy
lifting so you don't have to!

  • 5-Minute Onboarding Process

  • No Lockups or Minimums

  • All Legal and Compliance Included

Issue Virtual & Physical Debit Cards for
Your Payments With No APIs!

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