ACH For Users To Do Roundups In My App

With Hydrogen, you can use the power of no-code components to add roundups and overflows to your app or platform. Say goodbye to hiring a fintech product team and integrating APIs!

Roundups With No-Coding Needed

Configure components with your colors, logo, fonts, and style, and allow users to roundup transactions via ACH,
without writing a single line of code, or building any payments infrastructure.


No Development Needed

Competitors: you will need to hire product, design, and engineering teams to build the roundups component.

Hydrogen: we offer an easy to use “no-code” platform for you to design and deploy the roundups component.

Low Cost

Low Cost

Competitors: configurable ACH funding software can cost thousands to set up, with long contract terms.

Hydrogen: we have no upfront fees or minimums, and offer monthly contracts. We charge a small SaaS fee.

Increase Revenue

Deploy Fast

Competitors: you will need to set up complex legal and compliance infrastructure to make payments.

Hydrogen: we have done the legal, compliance, and payment processor integration work for you!

Our Most Popular Payments Features

White Label Design

No Coding Needed

Unlike payments middleware, you don't need any API experience to use Hydrogen. Point, click, and power roundups!


Bank Links

Link over 15,000 financial institutions in the United States to your roundups components, via our open banking integrations.


Bank Level Security

We have created complex data encryption and security within the no-code platform, so you don't have to!

Interchange Share


Track user ACH roundups, bank links, authorized users, and ACH returns on the beautiful Hydrogen admin platform.

When You Compare Hydrogen, There is No Comparison!

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The Competition

Get to market in 6 hours, not 6 weeks
No upfront fees and no minimums
Bank level security
No API development needed
Integrated Money and Cards features

Read our recent white paper

Learn how companies are integrating
payments as a service into their businesses.

Watch the Video

See how Hydrogen has done all the heavy
lifting so you don't have to!

  • 5-Minute Onboarding Process

  • No Lockups or Minimums

  • All Legal and Compliance Included

Integrate Roundups & Overflows
Into Your App With No APIs!

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