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Raindrop is a pair of Authentication Protocols. Server-side Raindrop is an enterprise-level security protocol to secure APIs and other shared resources, while Client-side Raindrop is a next-gen multi-factor authentication (MFA or 2FA) solution for consumers. Read the paper >


Snowflake is an Identity Protocol. We believe that by creating a modular, open framework in the decentralized identity space, we will help individuals craft their digital identities and enable projects of all flavors and varieties to easily and securely access this data in a decentralized manner. Read the paper >


Ice is a Decentralized Document Protocol. We propose a new paradigm for document management in financial services that leverages a public and decentralized blockchain where users can seal, stamp, sign, and store documents. Read the paper >


Ice is a Decentralized Payments Protocol. Coming soon...


Ice is a Decentralized Machine Learning Protocol. Coming soon...