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Level up Your Loyalty Marketing With Experiential Rewards

Customer reward programs have been around for a long time, and the proliferation of mobile apps has made loyalty programs even more ubiquitous. Shoppers are overly familiar with traditional rewards programs such as cash back, discount coupons, or a free item after a set number of purchases. For loyalty marketing programs…

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5 Benefits of Debit Cards for Students

Though many high school and college students receive income from part-time jobs, not all of them have the financial literacy necessary to manage credit. However, that doesn't mean they can't enjoy the convenience and ease of card-based spending. With debit cards for students, teens, and young adults, spenders can freely…

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Advantages of Loyalty Reward Programs

One adage you hear time and again in business is that a repeat customer is better than a new customer. Why is that? Because repeat customers spend more money - 300x more! Retaining customers can help your company boost its profits up to 95%, however, having a customer buy from your…

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How to Better Manage Employee Expenses

Employee expenses are an unavoidable part of running a business. From buying lunch for a client to travel and entertainment, employee expenses are one of the largest controllable expenses of any business. These expenses eat up a significant portion of your funds and are of great interest to the IRS…

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Cards For Employee Wellness Programs

In recent decades, employee wellness programs have become increasingly popular. More evidence shows that the communication, education, and supportive environment these programs provide increases employee satisfaction and general health and decreases the number of sick days and healthcare expenses. What Is an Employee Wellness Program? An employee wellness plan is…

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Using Cards for Recurring Payments

When you think about a subscription, weekly newspaper delivery or a glossy monthly magazine might come to mind. In recent years, the options available for subscriptions have multiplied. Now, people can subscribe to music services and movie streaming services as well as traditional magazines and newspapers. They can also elect…

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Using Virtual Cards for Health Care Payments

It's no secret that health care in the U.S. is expensive. In 2019, total health care spending was $3.8 trillion, up 4.6% from the year before. While some of that money was spent on the cost of services, much of it was spent on administrative costs, such as payment costs and…

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The Benefits of Contactless Payments

It wasn't long ago that the primary way people in the U.S. paid with their debit or credit cards was by swiping the card through a magnetic card reader at the point of sale. Once changing regulations put companies at a higher risk for fraud liability, cards with microchips embedded…

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