Building the Financial Web 3.0

With Hydrogen's set of APIs, deploy cutting edge financial applications anywhere globally. Digital Infrastructure, financial engineering, blockchain, and AI added in minutes!

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New Access our blockchain module Hydro. Add an extra layer of authentication to your app. Learn more about Hydro.

Light and Modular APIs

Hydrogen's APIs combine all of the core infrastructure and connectors needed to build leading fintech architecture, with all of the financial engineering needed to build products and tools to set your brand apart.

Fintech Applications

Build, manage, and grow financial applications

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Leverage the public blockchain in private financial systems

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Machine Learning

Automated machine learning on any dataset in the cloud

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Complex Platforms Simplified

Prototype, design, connect, build, and manage dozens of different digital financial services products and platforms on the same common APIs, anywhere globally.


Robo & Hybrid Advice

Wealth Management


Mandatory & Voluntary Savings

Goals Based Planning & Investing


Annuities & Structured Products

Life Insurance


Personal Financial Management

Budgeting & Financial Planning

Instant Blockchain Connectivity

Any application that is built in the Hydrogen ecosystem can leverage our revolutionary blockchain module - Hydro. In our first release, add an immutable layer of security on your sensitive client data with blockchain based authentication. Hydro is the foundation for fintech life!

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"Our company mission is simple: Create a worldwide ecosystem for better, simpler, fairer, more transparent, and more affordable financial products. Hydrogen will create a new digital economy that will uplift and empower an emergent middle class, bringing fintech to the masses."

Mike Kane, Co-Founder & CEO

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