Hydrogen Wealth

Add PFM, wealth mangagement, investment proposals, and goals based investing to your business with our robust advice APIs.

Wealth Management Simplified

Hydrogen offers enterprise companies the ability to add digital wealth and advice tools through a robust set of APIs or fully built no-code applications.

Financial Account Aggregation

Financial Account Aggregation

Link account data across thousands of banks and financial institutions.

Data Management

Data Management

We provide the complex data infrastructure, warehousing, categorization, cleansing, labeling, and standardization so you don't have to hire an expensive data team.



Create, store, and track budgets, and tie them to specific transactions and data.

Cash Flows

Cash Flows

Calculate cash flows tied to categories and merchants, and track over time.



Pull in and track investment accounts from hundreds of data sources.

Fee Analysis

Fee Analysis

Analyze overdraft, credit card, loan, mortgage, and investment fees.

Account Categorization

Account Categorization

We have labeled, categorized, and cleansed data across all providers.

Custom Categorization

Custom Categorization

You can create your own custom categories and labels for data.



Because clients in this product need regulatory licensing, we expose our robust APIs to you. Create custom apps on top of Hydrogen!

Business Logic

Business Logic

Our Proton API library does complex calculations, allowing you to ditch the excel spreadsheets and use the power of APIs.

No-Code Applications

We have robust white labeled web and mobile wealth apps that you can configure with your own data sources, logo, colors, and style. Contact our sales team to see a demo of any of these apps! Contact Sales >

Embeddable Components Basic

Embeddable Components

Do you have an existing web or mobile application? If so, drag and drop fully configurable components in just a few minutes:

Embeddable Components Premium

White Label App

Does your company have limited technical skills or lack a platform to embed components into? Not to worry! We have a configurable white labeled money app:

  • Fully hosted by Hydrogen
  • Branded portal with your own domain
  • No coding needed
  • User signup, login/logout, and security

Wealth Management Made Easy

Hydrogen components take all of the hard work out of creating wealth & financial advice software.


Developer First

Hydrogen's robust wealth APIs include all of the standardized data infrastructure and complex business logic you need!



Hydrogen has done all of the data orchestration work needed to power your software. No CFA or CFP needed.



Follow our robust workflows and docs to create your own custom software on top of the Hydrogen APIs.


Product Accelerator

Our no-code applications are pre-built on the Hydrogen APIs, and can be configured to fit your company's style.

Use Cases

Hydrogen Wealth is used by enterprise companies to leverage the power of open banking, cloud data infrastructure, and APIs, to create robust wealth and financial advice solutions. See All >

New Planning Software

New Planning

  • Financial Planning   >
  • Goals Planning   >
  • New Fintech Apps

    New Fintech

  • Goals Based Investing   >
  • Financial Advisory   >
  • Lenders

    New Investing

  • Investment Proposals   >
  • Portfolio Management   >
  • Enterprise Grade APIs

    We have a large library of tools
    to help sophisticated enterprises.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    In which plans can I access Hydrogen Wealth?

    Hydrogen Wealth is only available in the Transform enterprise plan.

    Do I have to be an enterprise to use Hydrogen Wealth?


    Can I access Hydrogen Wealth outside of the US?

    Yes. Our Transform plan is available globally.

    Does Hydrogen offer data integration services?

    Yes. We have a professional services team that can help with legacy data integrations, ETLs, data warehousing, and cloud migrations.

    Does Hydrogen offer a full white-label Wealth app?

    Yes, we have robo-advisory and investment proposal white label apps.

    Still have questions?


    Hydrogen Wealth is Available
    in Our Transform Plan

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