Hydrogen PFM

Add aggregation, cash flow, budgeting, and accounting analytics to your site with our fully built and configurable embeddable apps.

PFM Features

Hydrogen pulls, standardizes, analyzes, and cleanses millions of pieces of data, making aggregation features easy to add for any business.

Financial Account Aggregation

Financial Account Aggregation

Link account data across thousands of banks and financial institutions.

Accounting Integrations

Accounting Software

Link business data across the top accounting softwares.

Cost Savings

Cost Savings

Get access to open banking with $0 access fees (versus thousands direct), $0 to integrate APIs and build UI components, and month to month (versus 1+ years direct) contracts.

Data Management

Data Management

We provide the complex data infrastructure, warehousing, categorization, cleansing, labeling, and standardization so you don't have to hire an expensive data team.



Create, store, and track budgets, and tie them to specific transactions and data.

Cash Flows

Cash Flows

Calculate cash flows tied to categories and merchants, and track over time.

Fee Analysis

Fee Analysis

Analyze overdraft, credit card, loan, and mortgage fees.

Account Categorization

Account Categorization

We have labeled, categorized, and cleansed data across all providers.

Custom Categorization

Custom Categorization

You can create your own custom categories and labels for data.

No-Code Applications

Configure small standalone embeddable components or full white labels with your colors, logo, fonts, and style. All components can be embedded with HTML or JS, and connected to client data!

Embeddable Components Basic

Embeddable Components

Do you have an existing web or mobile application? If so, drag and drop fully configurable components in just a few minutes:

Embeddable Components Premium

White Label App

Does your company have limited technical skills or lack a platform to embed components into? Not to worry! We have a configurable white labeled money app:

  • Fully hosted by Hydrogen
  • Branded portal with your own domain
  • No coding needed
  • User signup, login/logout, and security

Personal & SMB Finance Made Easy

Hydrogen components take all of the hard work out of creating PFM or BFM components.



Hydrogen embeddable components can be placed in any website or mobile app with HTML or JS code that we provide!



Hydrogen has done the data orchestration work needed to power the components. No CFA or CPA needed.


Ready to Go

Hydrogen has taken care of all the legal/compliance, and all no-codes are pre-approved by open banking partners.



Our beautiful no-code templates can be configured to fit your brand's logo, colors, fonts, styles, and features.

Require APIs to analyze data?

If you are a developer, some Money solutions
allow APIs to pull customer data for analysis.

Use Cases

Hydrogen Money is used by financial professionals across dozens of verticals to leverage the power of open banking and accounting data to make better decisions. See All >


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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Do I have to be a developer to embed the components?

    No! You just need basic technical skills. We provide you with a short guide on your dashboard.

    How configurable are the no-code components?

    Very! You can change the logo, colors, style, font, images, icons, features, and buttons.

    Does Hydrogen offer a full white label Money app?

    Yes! We have a full front to back white label app for personal financial management (PFM), and soon will release one for business financial management (BFM).

    Can I perform my own analysis on aggregation and accounting data, without using a no-code component or white label?

    Yes! All data pulled in can be accessed via our APIs, should you wish to use the data for your own analysis.

    Are third-party vendor costs included in the price?

    Yes, we bundle the API costs from the open banking and accounting providers in the pricing. You will be responsible for any underlying accounting software subscription fees.

    Why should I use Hydrogen versus building components with an open banking provider myself?

    We save you tens of thousands of dollars in up front and dev costs, and allow you to do month to month contracting.

    Still have questions?


    Embed PFM components in minutes with Hydrogen

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