Trulioo Integration

Instantly perform KYC on your Hydrogen clients

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Trulioo offers identity verification services for businesses and organizations worldwide using government and private databases. Trulioo provides verification of identity, documents, and businesses. We currently support identity verification, with documents and business verification in upcoming releases. Trulioo supports 195+ countries.


1. To get started, you’ll first need to sign up for Trulioo here and get your user name and password.

2. Once obtained, you can enter the user name (under ID/Key Name) and password (under Password/Key Value) along with the rest of the setup for Trulioo into Hydrogen’s Integrations Admin.

Verify an End User’s Identity

Once you have your Trulioo credentials entered, you can now begin performing KYC on your end users. Before performing a KYC, you will need to ensure that the end user’s personal details are stored in Nucleus /client.

We will submit all PII data such as name, DOB, address, and identification number that is stored in Nucleus for the client. At a minimum, the client_id should include the following information for Trulioo to perform a verification:

  • first_name
  • last_name

  • Once your client is created in Nucleus, you may pass that client_id to POST /integration/v1/kyc, which will submit the user's information to Trulioo.

    Alternatively, if you selected the option in the Integration Admin settings to automatically KYC when you create a client, then you can bypass this call and the user will automatically be sent for verification when created in Nucleus via POST /nucleus/v1/client.

    Retrieve KYC Receipts

    Each KYC performed will be stored as a receipt in Hydrogen. If you need to access the receipts, you can do so by using the following endpoint:

    GET /integration/v1/kyc_status/{nucleus_client_id}