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Hydrogen Atom

The Hydrogen Atom platform has powerful REST APIs with modules built for fintech.
Read about some of the features of our APIs below to see how we can help.

Nucleus API

The Nucleus API provides core digital infrastructure and a standard data model to anchor your fintech application.


Set single and multi-factor auth and client permissions.

Client Onboarding

Configure, store, and encrypt client info and onboarding.


Create and manage client accounts & held away accounts.

Portfolio Management

Manage securities, investment models, portfolios and goals.


Run robust risk and performance reporting on any entity.


Create and track single and bulk orders for trade execution.


Configure decision trees and client questionnaires.

Proton API

The Proton API provides financial engineering and business logic on top of the data to power your fintech application.

Risk Scoring

Create single or multi-dimension risk scores for clients.

Goals Tracking

Track the status of goals and provide recommendations.


Rebalance portfolios with customizable rules.


Perform complex backtests and Monte Carlos on the fly.

Insurance Analytics

Identify annuity payments and life insurance needs.

Financial Calculators

Calculators for retirement, financial planning, mortgage.

Financial Scoring

Score the health of client portfolios and finances.

Personal Finance

Track budgets, analyze cash flows, and calculate net worth.

Electron API

The Electron API provides admin functionality to manage and grow your fintech application.


Interface with support tickets, FAQs, and chat.


Manage and track campaigns, promotions, and usage.


Store and encrypt sensitive client or firm documents.

Billing   Coming Soon

Run billing reports on a client or your firm.

Build dozens of connected solutions on ONE data model and API set.
Below we highlight some popular use cases around the world.


Robo Advisor Hybrid Advisor Goals Based Investing Self Directed Brokerage Wealth Management Thematic Investing High-Net-Worth Micro Investing

We have all the infrastructure you need to start a world leading digital investing solution. This includes onboarding, risk profiling, KYC, portfolio construction, trading, ongoing support, and admin. Some of the platforms built in this category include: asset allocation, hybrid advice, high-net worth management, thematic investing, mutual fund investing, and offshore investing.


Mandatory Savings Voluntary Savings Pension Savings Goals Planning Overflow Cash Sweep Micro Savings

Help clients make the right savings decisions and provide them with industry leading tools, analytics, and dashboards. Some of the platforms built in this category include pension savings, micro-savings, goals planning, and term deposits.


Annuities Structured Products Life Insurance P&C Insurance

Hydrogen will instantly digitize your current insurance experience. Instant digital account opening and document signing, blockchain document notarization, analytics, and customer engagement tools are available at your fingertips. Offer other solutions in savings, wellness, and investing from the same set of APIs to further engage with customers.

Financial Wellness

Personal Financial Management Budgeting Financial Health Financial Planning

Personal finance is complicated. Offering a personal finance platform is even more complicated. Hydrogen helps you aggregate dozens of pieces of data to provide your clients with a dynamic snapshot of their finances, plus tools to help them achieve their goals.

Innovation. Scalability. Modularity. Speed.

Cut years and tens of millions of development cost off your build by leveraging our platform.

The team and tech behind Hydrogen built and ran the most innovative consumer fintech in the US.

Building your solution on our REST API architecture will allow you to scale and extend your capabilities.

Our APIs are built in a modular fashion, allowing you to mix and match elements and move pieces around.

Hydrogen is meant to be light, giving you the tools to get your product to market at faster speeds.

Hydrogen Atom integrates with the tools you need

Interface with your internal back office systems using our pre-built connectors. Integrate with preferred 3rd party tools for CRM, KYC, aggregation, email, market data and more.

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