Hydrogen Molecule

Add financial blockchain components to any application.

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Hydrogen Molecule

The Hydrogen Molecule platform has powerful REST APIs and out of the box components to add blockchain to any application.
Molecule is built on top of Hydro, the preeminent open-source blockchain protocols in financial services.
Hydro was incubated by blockchain engineers at Hydrogen.

On-Chain Identity

Interoperable with any Ethereum based identity protocol.

Document Hashing

Store, hash, encrypt, track, documents on-chain.

Crypto Payments

One-time and recurring crypto payment framework.

Security Tokenization

Create, restrict, transfer, and invest in security tokens.

On-Chain Auth

On-Chain multi-factor authentication framework.

Data Tracking

Push, pull, and track any on-chain data within an application.

Molecule can be used to add widgets and components within existing applications, or combine with Hydrogen Atom and Element for white labeled or custom applications. Below, we highlight some popular use cases around the world.


Onboarding KYC Vendor KYC AML ID MFA Smart Contract MFA

Identity is a core component of any application. Molecule's identity framework allows you to use the centralized identity stored in Hydrogen Atom, or an on-chain identity through ERC-1484, a proprietary Hydrogen framework that is compatible with any Ethereum built identity system. Tie any application data to the on-chain identity.


Crypto Payments P2P Payments Remittance Subscriptions Invoicing

With Hydrogen Molecule, you can seamlessly integrate crypto payment options into traditional payments such as credit cards and electronic transfers. Tie the payments to off-chain or on-chain identity, and push to third-parties via APIs. Create one-time payments, subscriptions, international remittances, and entire invoicing platforms.


Private Company Tokenization Real Estate Tokenization Art Tokenization Portfolio Tokenization Token Trading Token Investing

Hydrogen Molecule allows you to tokenize assets such as private companies, real estate, art, or entire portfolios. You can add restrictions, integrate KYC and legal, and produce entire platforms with Hydrogen Atom and Element for token investing or trading. It's the most advanced tokenization framework in the world.


Claims Tracking Proof of Insurance Land Registry Utility Tracking Contracts

The Hydrogen Molecule APIs can write and pull back data from the blockchain. Platforms you build can have on-chain data tracking seamlessly built in, with no need to interface with any blockchain explorers. This can lead to great solutions for utilities, insurers, and governments, cutting down fraud and increasing customer transparency.

Innovation. Scalability. Modularity. Speed.

Cut years and tens of millions of development cost off your build by leveraging our platform.

The team and tech behind Hydrogen built and ran the most innovative consumer fintech in the US.

Building your solution on our REST API architecture will allow you to scale and extend your capabilities.

Our APIs are built in a modular fashion, allowing you to mix and match elements and move pieces around.

Hydrogen is meant to be light, giving you the tools to get your product to market at faster speeds.

Hydrogen Molecule integrates with the tools you need

Interface with your internal systems using our pre-built connectors. Integrate with preferred third-party tools for payments, document management, data, KYC, and more!

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